Thank you for your interest in supporting the NYC Mermaids on their quest to help protect The Sea and her creatures!  By donating any amount, your name will be included in a drawing for the Mermaid Treasure Prize Pack on the night of our Mermaid Lagoon: Royal Ocean Revue at House of Yes.  This special sack of treasure will include a gift bag from Lola Star’s Coney Island Boutique, as well as personalized gifts from the NYC mermaids themselves.  (More prize announcements coming soon.)

This year we will send money to Billion Oyster Project to benefit our local waterways, and continue supporting Orca Network in their quest to retire Lolita the orca to a natural sea-pen in her native waters, and be freed from decades of captivity in the Miami Seaquarium.

Only ONE winner will be chosen to receive these gifts from The Sea in return for your generosity and love.

Could it be you?

Donate to our Mermaid Treasure Chest Through PayPal.

**This year Mermaid Lagoon is looking for a special ‘ocean hero’ to match the funds raised from this year’s event.**


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