Our Story

The Mermaid Lagoon was started in 2010 by singer/songwriter Kai Altair. Altair planned the event as an ocean-themed fundraiser, but after the BP oil spill brought in Dr. Debra Tillinger (aka Dr. Mermaid), an oceanographer and climate scientist who could speak to the issues the ocean was facing. Ali Luminescent, a well known and loved performer in the underground Brooklyn arts scene, helped bring in the star power that would make the Mermaid Lagoon “fun, seductive, and educational.”

Over the past five years, the Mermaid Lagoon has grown tremendously. The money it raises is donated to two or more ocean-related charities. This year, the Mermaid Lagoon is proud to support Riverkeeper and WDC (whale and dolphin conservation).

The mission of the Mermaid Lagoon is to promote understanding and love of the ocean.

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