Mermaid Lagoon Ocean Benefit: Sea Ice

10257506_10204153860899117_7812307093238419656_oIt has happened before and it will happen again. . .

Legend tells that for one night a year the enchanted waters of the Mermaid Lagoon are safe for mortal travelers. The mermaids ask only that you make an offering to The Sea, and dance with them…

On December 4th, the Mermaid Lagoon will return to New York City for just one night. It is the 5th annual ocean benefit held by the Mermaids of NYC. You might recall that previous Lagoons have referenced the deep of summer as the time the mermaids allow humans safe passage through their world. This year, we will evoke the mermaids of Antarctica by celebrating during the southern hemisphere’s summer.

Come dressed for a cold night on high seas of ice and snow and an evening of performance, dance, revelry, and song as we dig deep to give back to our oceans. Remember your connection to the sea, and celebrate its enchantment, mystery, and beauty in a glowing winter lagoon full of dancing ice mermaids, projected ocean dreamscapes, and bio-luminescent sea life.

Performances by:

Kai Altair
Ali Luminescent
Dr. Mermaid
Kae Burke
Anya Sapozhnikova
Claire de Luxe
Renée Renata Bergan
Christine Geiger

Video Projections by GlitchFairy

Dress: Inspired by the ocean, winter, ice, the south pole, and all things luminous.

Get tickets early to save money and be sure of entry. LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE!
Ticket Link:

This year’s ocean benefit will send money to our local waterways and to organizations working towards the prevention of the hunt and captivity of whales and dolphins.

Names of organizations, more music, performance, and details to be announced soon!


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