Mermaid Lagoon Gala 2019

cropped-mermaidlagoon.pngMermaid Lagoon will return to House of Yes on Friday, August 2nd for a star studded variety night. The evening will be replete with oyster happy hour, immersive education experiences, and a stage full of New York City’s most talented circus, music, and dance performance.

The Mermaids of NYC will continue their mission to raise funds for NYC’s local waterways & support The Lummi Nation in their quest to retire Tokitae (AKA Lolita), the 20-foot-long orca who has lived in an illegal tank at the Miami Seaquarium since 1970. We evening will also focus on biodiversity, and assisting coral reef recovery though The Art Rising project.

Come dressed for a night on the high seas with revelry and song as we dig deep to give back to our oceans. Remember your connection to the sea in a lagoon full of dancing sea creatures, ocean dreamscapes, and costume contest for best Mermaid.


Ticket link coming soon!

It has happened before, and it will happen again

Once upon a time, in a blue lagoon not so far from New York City, there lived a village full of beautiful Mermaids. Famous for their dangerous beauty and bewitching talents, these mermaids were known the world over for their charms and songs used for luring sailors to their doom beneath the waves.

Legend tells that for one night in the deep of summer their lagoon is safe for mortal travelers. They ask only that you make an offering to The Sea, and dance with them…

Logo by Richard Miller